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Know the top trends.

Stories work like an X-ray. Only they highlight trends instead of bones. So support the risers and reverse the drops. Monetizing opportunities becomes a sport – once you know where they lie.

Get answers.

So sales are falling in East Anglia. But why? Get instant answers with our cause and effect analytics.

Seize the opportunities.

Attack your market head on with a sorted list of most valuable opportunities. Dropping margins, underperforming stores, lagging products – it’s a business development goldmine.

See your business on one page.

Know precisely where the demand is strong. Know where to invest and where to cut the portfolio. So you can maximize your ROI.

What next?

Presentation overlay

Then the collaboration kicks in.

And your team can focus on growth.

Collaborations screen Meetings screen Loop screen Actions screen Mac Frame

Add collaboration.

Have data-centric conversations, track past decisions and plan actions. Reduce communication gaps and friction. Remove silos – and those endless email threads.

Run better meetings.

Your weekly and monthly sales reviews will be quicker and clearer. You’ll instantly see what happened since last time and what needs attention. And you will free up time for strategy.

Stay in the loop.

Know what’s improving and what isn’t. Flag open questions, dig deeper or design experiments to clarify them. Then track the outcomes and repeat the loop.

It’s the actions that counts.

Mark past and future events. Plan your next actions. Schedule alarms and set targets. Feel at home in the app – it’s your success that we’re after.

Try stories.

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