What happens when everyone knows their 
top 10 problems and opportunities?


Know the biggest threats and opportunities even before they manifest.

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Understand where the market pull is greatest and act on that. Rather than 5 macrotrends, it’s the 100 microtrends that make or break enterprise growth.

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Deal with real opportunities and threats not the perceived ones. Always be sure you are working on the issue with the highest value.

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We have 50+ business topics ready to plug in. Here are a few of them.


Peak Performance.

Monetize Trends.

Reach Sales Excellence.

Optimise Assortment.

Exploit Growth Opportunities.

Reduce Dropouts.


Exploit Pockets of Growth.

Track Competitive Positioning.

Activate Customer Clusters.

Monetize Product Potential.

Experiment and Innovate.

Master Launch Excellence.


P&L Analytics.

Margin Mining and Profitability Analysis.

Improve Product Profitability.

Benchmark Production Costs.

Key Business Drivers.

Stories help executives
do less and achieve more.


Sales director /
Country manager

Reduce warranty costs.
You see where the growth is. Where to invest. What to cut.
All in a single click.

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Brand manager /
Sales representative

You drive business to peak performance, because you learn faster, know more and forget nothing. You focus.

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Business analyst /
Data scientist

Less cleansing, less SELECT * FROM, less wrangling. You have 50 % more time to do the fun stuff: data interpretation.

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Empower your sales with Stories.

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